Our Expertise

Company Secretarial and Tax Advisory Services

We advise clients on all matters relating to business formation in Nigeria and are responsible for the steps you will take to set up your business at the CAC.

Corporate & Commercial Practice

In the area of Corporate & Commercial Legal Practice, the firm has vast and rich experiences. We are focused on providing legal advisory and transaction services.

Debt Recovery

We provide our clients with the most comprehensive and professional debt recovery service while focusing on the unique challenges in their industry.

Employment Law

Our practice comprises steadfast professionals advising on employment issues. Never underestimate the significance of having the best team to help you manage employment risk and guide you through your day

Intelletual Property Rights

This practice area relates to the development, processing, protecting and enforcing of their intellectual property rights. We handle patents, trademarks, copyrights, and design rights.

Litigation, Investigation & Dispute Resolution

We can assist you in all types of litigation, including contract law, commercial law, corporate law, litigation concerning any form of liability, construction law, healthcare law, environmental law

Property & Real Estate

We provide transactional, advisory and dispute resolution services in both commercial and residential property.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Our restructuring and insolvency team is truly world-class. With such an extensive and dedicated team, we advise on complex restructu

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